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Gordon Hall

Between 1914 and 1921 the group had a variety of buildings as HQ, including

  • Parish Hall in Gainsborough Road,
  • Moss Hall stables in Nether Street,
  • a hall opposite King Edward Hall on Regent’s Park Road,
  • a building at the top of Dollis Park,
  • the basement of King Edward Hall


before being able to purchase a plot of land on Nether Street. This plot included all the land between Nether Street and the railway line that is now occupied by the row of shops and flats and the current Gordon Hall.


The current building is the second Gordon Hall to sit on the site. The first, a wooden structure built closer to Nether Street suffered a fire in 1937. At about the same time discussions were underway to sell off part of the land, and inevitably the need becoming obvious, the deal was completed and with funds donated by ‘Pop’ Barclay, the Group’s founder, the current building was erected and occupied in 1938. The following images are all taken from the handwritten book ‘History of the Tenth Finchley Scout Group: 1914 – 1939’.