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C20, 2016 pre start…

Our intrepid Warriors 8 taking it easy in preparation for their starts on this year’s Chiltern 20. They were up before the birds and at Gordon Hall at 5.15am! 

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Yet another camp birthday!

Well done Lucas on your 13th birthday!!

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Shumona goes Gold!!

Congratulations to Shumona who was awarded her Chief Scouts Gold tonight. Well done!!!

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The Coffee Pot

Perpetual thanks to our friends in Troop 13 for forgetting to take home their coffee pot after Aboyne 2014. 
Just to show how important it is us, here it is in action at EIJ2016!

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Group Activity Day & AGM 12 June 2016

Please join us at our Group activity day, barbecue and Annual General Meeting! This is a great opportunity for everyone involved in the Group to get together and take part in fun activities such as archery.
When: Sunday 12th June 2016 – Activities from 12 Noon till 3.30pm
Where: Frith Grange Campsite, Frith Lane, NW7 1PT

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Scouts Autumn Hike 2015

Today 7 scouts hiked 8 miles (13 km) along the Icknield Way and John Bunyan Trail near Hitchin. Taking it in turns to navigate between co-ordinates they scaled Deacon Hill and Trafalgar Hill and completed most part of a circular route. Thankfully the rain stayed away. Well done to them all, most of them were truly worn out by the …

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Chiltern 20 

Today we have 2 teams taking part in the Chiltern 20 in Oxfordshire. It was a 5.15am meet at Gordon hall so that our first team can start at 7.36, second team at 8.14.
Wish them luck

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Do you shop online?

Perhaps a strange question to receive via our blog, but, do you?
Well, chances are you probably do. But did you know that if you shop online via you would help 10th Finchley Group raise funds?
Next time you go shopping, even at ebay and Amazon, please try going through our link on our Fundraising page, nearly every shop you could …

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We’re away

all packed up and home to go to….

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