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Welcome to The 10th Finchley (Scottish) Scout Group. We are based in West Finchley, Barnet, North London.

We have active sections of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  All the leaders are volunteers and give all of their time free. The Group was started in 1914 and is the oldest surviving group in the area with all the sections. The group Scouts and Leaders do wear Kilts and we are the only Group this side of the border that do. We are attached to the Gordon Clan and our President is The Chief of the Clan. He has his castle in Aboyne and every Scout during their time in the section will camp within his grounds in Aboyne and go to the Aboyne Highland Games. We have a white scarf, which is also unique.

The 10th has always been a very active organisation running camps every year for the cubs and scouts and engaging all members in numerous activities. The friendly and inclusive nature of the organisation is evidenced by the number of ex cubs and scouts that continue to work within the 10th.

We need your help!

Additional help is always greatly appreciated and if any parents can give a small amount of time to help with the beavers, cubs or scouts it would be very helpful. We would also welcome parents onto the committee; this is not an onerous duty as we only meet four times a year but it does form a vital part of the working of the group. In addition it will give you input into the direction the group is taking in providing a rewarding experience for your son or daughter. If you can help in any way please contact Group Scout Leader  or your childs section leader.